Tuesday, June 30, 2015


By just saying the words you can be as tacky as the
next  -  left-leaning or circumspect, right-winger or
central-city leaning neutral. It's all nothing; it's all
your genuflecting in a pool of shit and blood to make
amends and ameliorate your conscience. Go ahead,
go ahead, stand on your magic mountain and bellow.
I have eyes, yet I see not, and ears, but I do not hear.
My last jar of Vaseline I used for crankcase oil in the
hopes the heat would break it down into a more liquid 
form. It worked as far as Iowa, and then I ripped the
main-rod. It's just like politics  -  all those little whores
sucking the big guy's weenie. I use that word only once,
here, to get past the usual censors of nothing but that.
I put my engine to rest long time ago. Like Mao said,
'political power grows out of the barrel of a gun', and 
who am I to argue. Chinamen geek. Maxine Hong 
Kingston powerless witch-hunt lookalike bitch. Deng 
for dung, I always say about Chinese politics.
Here, the old men are sitting around getting haircuts and
blanching about their testimonials dinners that went wrong.
Who dresses these guys? They get up in the morning like this?
I never wore shorts my entire life, and never will, and these
skinny-legged pinfoils are wearing orange and green and
red like some golf-course freaks on his way to their devil.
Wish fisherman's hats to boot. If any of them have a
pension, it's just to relieve their tension  -  they wouldn't
know what to do with anything anyway. Why bother.

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