Wednesday, April 5, 2017


A quarter of this is drudgery only : five shims
to hold up the factors, five more to hold back
the sea. Two of the watchmen are walking
through now, talking about Springsteen, and
the E Street Band. 'It's a real place, I tell ya.'
I've been there and seen it.'
A quarter of this is dead, for sure. This old
Asbury Park gloom is killing me; the sea still
rails but the rides are gone. The rides are
gone, but the sea still rails. Madame Marie
got sick and died. They buried her at sea. 
The sea still rails and the rides are gone.
A quarter of this is Death, the other three
are tokens. Ski-bowl, keno, frozen custard
pleasures on a magic-carpet ride. I want to 
pet you, or pet something, or go away.
A quarter of this is over. What else
can I say? I've been there, and seen
it. It's a real place, I tell ya.

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