Saturday, April 8, 2017


I knew the waitress. She was cool
We slept together once, in '74,
when hesitation was at its wit's 
end and little else mattered. How
can that be, so long ago? Well,
I'm dreaming, and her name was
Mary Kay. She kept a sex chart
on the wall above her bed. It was
a calorie-burn chart of the various
sorts of sex one could do and 
how many calories thereby burn.
Going to weight-loss school
turned out pretty cool.
She drove a Datsun B-210. 
Yes, that's what they were called
before they went to 'Nissan' back 
whenever. It was an everyman's 
car, the streets were filled with 
millions of them, like VW used 
to be before that. This one was
a really lame light green. All she 
ever played was Elton John. This 
was in Elmira and Corning New 
York. In the days of 'Tumbleweed 
Connection,' his LP back then. 
Everytime I was coming over 
she'd put on 'Burn Down the
Mission,' saying it reminded
her of me.
Some years later, about 1988, she
drove cross-country in a van from
Arizona, where she still lives, and 
called to say she was coming and if 
she could stay. This was Metuchen,
NJ. She arrived on clear, Fall day,
just like she'd always been around.
We fixed up  a cot for her, and, even
as I worried a little, it went easy.
Turned out, by this time, she only 
liked women. Whew! My wive's 
problem now, not mine. I looked
for a chart, but didn't have one.

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