Thursday, April 27, 2017


It's here, the cold has gone away and the
new sky tries breaking; flowers and the
rest all lined up and ready to go. I
guess that's how it's done. Who's
running a restaurant with a garden 
outdoors? Not me. They want to
bring in a  -  what they call  -  
'Luthier.' For some medieval
and mystical musical touch. At
first, I thought thy meant some guy
to start reading from a self-translated
Bible. Could be fun, Luther and all.
'In the beginning was the worried'.
Like that....and God said, 'let that be,
right?' All sorts of funny stuff.
Just over there, ruining the entire
God-damned scene (another joke), is
the asphalt truck the town keeps bringing
by. Paving the Dickens out of some new
garden to make it look 'au naturel.' As
soon as the bulbous town worker said
that, I knew it was wrong and he too had
screwed up. Unless he was paving in
the nude. But then again, how did Adam
and Eve get those fig leaves to stick?
And why? I figure they already knew 
what was there. 'Stand back, Eve, I
don't know how big this thing gets.'
First night fun in the Hotel Eden.
A priest, a minister, and a rabbi are 
playing golf. The rabbi excels, the 
other two stink. 'How'd you get so 
good?' they ask. He answers, 'You
have to convert, and go to temple
school. They do so, and a year later,
playing again, they still stink.
The rabbi says, 'Where'd you go?'
They say, 'Temple Beth Orr.' H
scoffs  -  'No, no, you have to go
to Morath Shira. Beth Orr is
for tennis.'

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