Sunday, April 23, 2017


That's what we're gonna' do and
that's how it's gonna' be : you just
take the knife and cut. Once it's out,
you recoup; no use in tolerating
it now. On the parallel oasis, you
will note, they've already severed 
those distended vines.
There is no waiting for petulance 
like this to come again : the idea 
of politics is man represented by 
the State. That's an evil disclosure 
and it must be stopped. Do you
want me to tell you what you have?
Cancer, a stain on your conscience.
Nor is he march of time is the March
of Dimes : so then, collecting dimes 
and pennies won't suffice. The spirit
needs to grab the tendrils, the heart
and soul must run together.

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