Sunday, April 23, 2017


To all things come deliverance; one way
or the other. life-line, below-deck, FedEx
or UPS. Sanctuary and far beneath the
meaning we think. Angels on heads of
pins do dance. 
I speak these words, known as a malingerer
and a scamp. I always mix things up : was it,
for instance, Eliza Doolittle or Emma Lazarus
who said 'I lift my Lamp to Freedom,' or
something near to that? You know. That
'Colossus' thing in the harbor we sing.
Your tired, your hungry, your poor.
Or was that, 'You're tired? You're hungry?
You're poor? So what do you want from me?
Get away before I close the door.'
Hey, man, there's no escaping freedom.
The butterfly sings with the bee, and the lamb
goes along to slaughter. The way all things
should be. No second acts in American lives;
or there shouldn't be, because to have a second,
you most certainly need a first. Heretofore the
standard went that way, though maybe
now it's changing (but for the worse)?

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