Sunday, April 23, 2017

9426. SO

So, running down the street takes all
sorts of energy. And my coat is now
flying as I talk.  For breakfast, I had
nothing. Never do, and the same for
lunch. If life was a game (it is, I have
a hunch), I could win the starvation
prize for waiting.
One time, in a vat of de-natured alcohol,
Laurie Anderson said she once went
an entire Winter without a Winter coat.
So. Big deal to that, I say. Whoever
thinks of that as an achievement
has another thing coming.
So, I used to be a prono star, but way
back, before they filmed the stuff like
they do now. Another time of my life,
I kept a colored notebook with a
different shade for each day. It was
difficult to find (365 shades), and I
had to go to one of those travel-journal
notebook companies to get it made.
But, boy, were they a pain to deal with:
mostly fussy ladies who only liked other
ladies and never took tea with men. If
you know what I mean. Thy thought 
having a little journal in which to write
while you sat in some cafe dreaming 
about your life was the greatest thing
in the world. I had to tell them to get
a grip ('cause I knew they'd never grab 
me). I got it done. It went down easy.
So, a year later the notebook was filled.
I sold it to Putnam for 35 grand. They have
it still, and I got my advance of 17 thousand,
but the rest I'll probably never see because
it's contingent on them printing a product.
They've said my 'tone' has gone out of style.
I told them so has theirs.

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