Friday, April 21, 2017


You can maybe read about this in the textbook
of Miles Standish one of those overt but quite
useless schoolbook references; the kind the
academics sell. 'But don't come on this campus
with it, we are free thinkers.' Yep, that's how
it goes. Organized comportment  -  like the
joy to be felt when they round-up illegals
in New Brunswick. Finally. It's a beautiful
thing. Liars, one and all, these sorts,
The academics who proclaim, and the lay-low,
low-life cactus eaters from Juarez. Take them
all away and quite the charade. I've been at 
this since 5 am, and really I don't have any
patience for this time anymore. Don't tell
me you've got them  -  laws, I mean  -  
if they're flouted. If you say the law is to
be flouted, then I can start a revolution.
All I can say now is 'It's about damn time.' 
The way a Mexican says it, I really don't know.

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