Friday, April 21, 2017

9417. SO

'My God,' I thought to myself,
immediately, 'they really ought to
call this off.' My impression was
based on nothing, but the treacle
was turning to broth and I'd
gotten tired of hearing.
Like some Brobdingnagian
manslaughter of mind, the real 
thinkers were already all dead.
They'd been taken out early on,
to spare the masses the chance of 
of having to think. (All I ever learned,
I learned from Jonathan Swift. Pay
me no mind, please, but pay me).
'Jesus, Easter was just last week?'
I replied, 'Yeah, but are you just saying
that, or is He here?' Now? Once more?
How can you tell? No laughing matter,
all this stuff, as I considered it. I do
hate confusion; transfusion too, but
that's another bloody matter for another
bloody land and time. Now we're all
in one big world, and all together.
So, it still freaks me out : this whole
Easter story and all that stuff. One small
little clump of people, two-thousand years
ago, coming up with all this in their Qumran
caves, and now they're tax exempt everywhere
and their guy's out on the road once more.
Still, that's how it is. I take my measures, for
sure : I pray every day; I pray for you, and I
pray for me, I pray for the waters and the
trees and the sunlight and for all immortal time.
I greet each thing with prayer, and people too.
I pray for the lost and miserable, the sick and
the crippled. I do things, against my better
judgment, for others  -  when I'd really rather
slit their throats. Wow, listen to me now go on.

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