Tuesday, April 4, 2017


No awakening. Not that at all.
We go to bed by night, still reading
books. The thin light stays on while
I sleep on the floor with no snooze
or alarm. How does that work again?
Drumming my fingers on the same 
old table has done nothing now except
leave marks. A cave-painting of sorts
on beat, old wood. Why that's me!
I just described transference!
A long time ago, yeah, I had an
apartment in the frosty, old city. There
was nothing at all in this dump. Any
food brought in was shared with the 
rats and cockroaches. 'My roommates,'
I used to say, except they paid no rent.
What a bargain for something.
Hey, if you ever want to see a bad scene,
step with me back into time. I can open
a dead refrigerator door and show you
the turkey carcass that was covered in
slime and cockroaches too. Someone just
left it there, and I didn't know what to do.
Boy, that was a deep night memory. 
Whew! And I was pretty stupid too.

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