Tuesday, April 4, 2017


When I travel, I don't really
travel at all. It's always the 
same: What I don't see, I miss.
When I see things, I forget what
I saw. Like Edward G. Robinson,
drinking a beer. I swear I saw that,
last Saturday, but he's been dead for
some thirty years. It was at Brody's
Tavern, Lexington and 28th, I think,
and he looked right at me like we
were friends. And then he was gone. 
I asked Mark, the bartender, what I
had just seen, and all he said was, 
'How the hell would I know? You're
doing the seeing. Listen, you want
The guy gives me the creeps; Mark,
I mean. He's the one who sent his own
friend to represent him at his wedding,
because he 'wanted to work. This tips
are better.' I mean, what the heck was
that? I wondered if he let his friend then
get her or if he let her.
When I'm done walking around, I just
sleep  -  somewhere, anywhere. You know,
this is New York. it's not like Cos Cob,
Connecticut or something, where they
have brushmen to clean the gutters daily.
Here, you just sort of fall over, or lean
anyway, to sleep. Somewhere, anywhere.
It'll always catch you. Whether it's cold
or not, well, that's your own problem.
One of the city's drawbacks, for sure, is
the outdoor Winter. But one of its good things,
too, is the steam that leaks everywhere. If
you can find the right spot, or spots  -  over
gratings or warm-pipes areas, you can stay
pretty warm. But the problem mostly is some
jerk's usually always been there before you
and claims the spot, or seems to, with a
knife or a story. In New York they're about
both the same. Either one can kill you.
I always watch what's about; but this Edward
G. Robinson thing, man, it really got to me,
made me think I was maybe going crazy. 
Y'know how that is? It's not like forgetting
to mail a letter, or paying your taxes. When
you're in my condition of living you don't
do much of that. It's more like just feeling
you're in a daze, all the time. It gets so
boring. So, I don't go anywhere, even though
I'm always on the move. Figure that. And,
maybe on a free day or something, if you
see this Edward G. Robinson guy, tell him
to call me. 'Cept, no, I don't have no phone.

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