Thursday, April 6, 2017



'I may have never known neither my makings nor my father and mother but in whatever case my story is viewed I remain steadfast in the explaining of it as apparent and just as fairly natural to me - as I experienced it - and barring any calamitous circumstances yet unexperienced of course (and unseen as that may be) I pledge a certain fealty to the idea of 'going forward' : there are mazes and there are marshes and a complete and final morass of traps and temptations still before me but I can pretty much say that the 'best' of whatever I've had has already happened - not much more to expect and not much time to expect it in anyway and be that as IT may be I wish to pose the question (to myself of course) 'if just if the Devil himself came by right now and made an offer of extended time and circumstance for a certain sort of 'sale' of my 'soul' to his woebegone minions of doubt and dread and death itself WHAT THEN WOULD I AGREE TO?' and I have no answer but actually I bet I'd say 'yes yes let's do it!' - and a certain curtain would fall around me and I'd be protected from whatever for the duration (however long it would be) of the 'extension' and I'd make damn well good extra time of it I'm sure : no more pool parlors and poker halls let's say for me I'D BE CERTAIN TO BE FOREVER THE LAST REFUGEE on my new and uncertain voyage to Deliverance - whatever it would be.'
.....and though I'm not done yet anyway - I'll have plenty more stories to tell.

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