Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Your new draft of old beer is pretty
nice. You look like High-Ho Silver
in disguise. I knew about all that
before, but never mentioned. I know
there are spirits in your eyes, things which
tell tales of captivity and all those ancient
tribes. I think we may have wandered
together. 'Na'ar bocheh'-  that means
'a crying youth'  -  that's what they call
Moses in my Midrash readings. But the
expression 'jarringly evokes a much older
child than the infant of three months that
the Bible story mentions.' The hidden,
infant Moses, hidden in a caulked and
sealed box or basket in the reeds, is
found in a scene of womanly compassion,
but these weird Bible Midrash guys insist
he was a much older male when discovered.
'His voice was like a young man's, and he
could already speak.' By saying so, they've
conveniently already given Moses his 
'blemish'. But I don't know why they
feel that need, these crazy scholars;
I feel they just make things up. 'Such
precociousness would be a physical
peculiarity, a form of disability, which
is what we are trying to prove.' Then
they go on (yeah, it's not over) - 'For
Israel is a youth, and I love him.'
Yeah, God said that.

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