Saturday, May 6, 2017


I was Tuesday's winner but I didn't play.
You might as well give up for life now,
because it's not going to happen again. 
You true fool  -  and you always have
been  -  if you didn't play then why 'd
you check. These regular numbers are
a killer. If you don't play them, Jeez,
don't look. It's enough to slit your
throat over, I'd say. Good-bye
to all that.
I was an unjust teen, a
'troublemaker' they called me. 
But it wasn't true at all, it just found
me. And I never knew what to do
with to once it got me. It's tough
being speechless and young. 
So, now I'm old. I seldom play
the lottery; or 'the numbers' as I call
them, and my Grandma did too. We used
to play, out on the streets of Bayonne.
She'd give me a paper with some maybe
ten numbers on it, and say go to Mary
Abate's neighbor Jenny, and give her
this. Two or three bucks and the slip.
Somehow the paper went from Jenny to
Louie at the corner store and some guy in
a Buick would soon come by and take
what he took  -  fancy suit, white shirt,
black car. And a gun too. I'd see it
sometimes hanging. No one cared.
The little Polish city was run-down 
and dreary. Nobody really knew
a thing.

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