Tuesday, May 23, 2017


This morning will have value, but
alone it will make its way : 10,000
chapters with 10,000 different words.
Do not falter here. Putting down that
carpet of green is Spring's only real task
and  -  now wet or now dry  -  the job's
getting done. Embellish me in color.
It was just back in November when I 
had to face the future. It was the 5th,
and I was in Ohio : hard as it was to
think of the Winter, that scabbard of
edgy violence still to arrive. I carved
the Alleghenies as I drove at full-hilt
speed. For me. A confidence level.
My shorthand here debases what I'm 
saying. Let me tend to re-phrase my 
words. In the deep black of morning,
and right before the dawn, I saw the
velvety sky descending. Stars and a
crystal chandelier. Things twirling.
Angels calling me back; everywhere.

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