Friday, May 12, 2017


You just grab the plastic motel key and storm
out past the Coke machine and the RC Cola
machine too. The fence around the pool
was there last year as well. I guess Sayre 
and Best Western didn't ever mind green 
slime. You could walk on this stuff; the
pool's probably been off limits for five
years or more. Nonetheless, one can
climb the fence and no one cares. It's
warm out. I sit on the crumbly concrete,
next to my personal pool of green matter
and think about the world at hand.
Pennsylvania's funny like that. In these
rural parts, you can live without laws,
and live without fear too  -  shooting 
the miserable head off of whoever cones
to pester. I bet these hillside fields are
filled with dead bodies buried, well or
not. Like they say about Samsung out 
here: I'm glad Sam's hung, but is he
I like freezing cold. You can live forever
like that, preserved to a T. When they want
meat to last, what do they do? Why freeze 
it, of course. Someone's sprayed a message
on the back of this nearby bench. I squint:
'Sluts try harder.'

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