Tuesday, May 30, 2017

9584. I BEEN HAD

My Manager duped me when he said I 
was great, I was nothing and he really 
knew it. I figured not to dwell on it, and
I just moved on. They're a dime a dozen
anyway. When I checked him out, I was
actually surprised. His father been a
purloined colonel in 'this man's army,'
as they used to put in the 1950's. You'd
get to hear that a lot  -  I figured some
sort of code-phrase for gay. But they
didn't really have that then. Whatever.
I never even knew what a 'purloined'
anything was, let alone a colonel. It
kind of just means stolen, really. So,
what's to be made of that? And then, 
one time, I actually met his mother,
who was like 92 at the time. She was
somewhat bent over and spoke with a
slur  -  decidedly accented, but a slur
none the less. I had trouble with that 
one too. I thought a slur was when you,
say, talk someone down, or speak badly
of them. More code words. But she wasn't
slurring me,  -  didn't really even have a
clue nor know why I was there. It was, he
said, that she just 'slurred' her speech. After
a stroke or something. Dementia abrococcix.
I think that's what he said. She kept saying
she was Joan of Arc who was really the
mother of Mother Theresa. And boy, that
got confusing too. There was a point I
just wanted to go. I had no clue what 
she was doing.
So. I started out saying about my Manager.
What kind of manager can it be though, who
brings you to visit his demented mother in a
cat-camp filled with demented others?

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