Saturday, May 20, 2017


I do a lot of things with my eyes closed :
regular stuff, just so that I can be deliberate
and sure. And to feel, to sense, the world,
as well, as if I were blind. Putting things 
down, carefully, in place. Hanging things up.
Hooks. And. The. Rest. It's all reliable stuff.
I'm getting on in age; I know that. Time runs
short, with many things I've not yet done. If
I were to be blind, I'd cease my intensive reading?
Writing? Drawing? And art?  Photography too? 
Yes, I guess. And all that leisure time  -  new  -  
with then nothing to do.
So, what am I casting for? I'd not want any
of that. So why do. I. Pretend. It's an empty,
hollow life, these things I do. 'Master of
Enigma,' that's what I've been called. I 
want to be 'Master' of nothing at all.

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