Monday, May 15, 2017


In right now. This moment
has the stage : time past and
time future all fleeting. Now.
Time is a road. Without any
turn-outs. Intersections. Exits.
Turn-arounds. And with little
means of any real representation
except in its passing. (You are
helpless, boy). The science of
Presentism says only the present
is real. Yes. No. Maybe. Now.
(You are helpless boy) : We can
no more travel back in time than
we can travel to a place that doesn't
exist. Home guard. Home land.
Place? Spirit passing? Time?
Another school says that past and
present and future are equally real
and all exist together : What they
are called, I do not know. The School.
Of. All-At Once-ism. That works.
The brain makes its decisions in the
present. And That. Is All. We. Know.
You were helpless, man. Spirit. 
Passing. Time.

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