Friday, May 19, 2017


Science in school taught me to walk through
walls and that nothing exists at all. Mary Anne
Rayburn wore see-through clothes. Dr. Gentile,
at the front of the room, claimed carbon-based
chemistry was the wave of the future. I watched
and I listened, while I shuddered through the hall.
He also had a massive crush on some ABC News
reporter, a woman of TV whose name I forget. 
This was 1966 and I regret the rest forgotten. I
never got over his fixation with her. Having to
heed to that each day was just too much. Adults
were massive hard-on children, that seemed
the wave of my Robert Andes future.
A twig bent out of shape will eventually grow
that way, and maintain that eccentric form.
That was the wave of the future, since
the day I was born.

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