Monday, May 1, 2017

9471. HEY BOYS!

Hey boys, this is the country we've ruined,
let's have a look. This is the stream we've
pissed in and the river into which we've
dumped. These are the trees we've destroyed
and the acres we've sprayed with defoliants.
Bug-killers and pesticides. Anti-weeds and
retarded Mexican gardeners and landscapers 
with torches and hatchets while we mow and
trim. We must have needs  -  to resemble a
golf course, to be as poisoned as a park, and
as leveled as a nature preserve. For we are
undeserved doctors and idiots of delight.
We drink our beers and watch things die,
and brag about them outside fire-houses
and pool-halls and community plazas
with infernos from Hell. 'Ever see a
lady-bug? Man, what an ass on her.'

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