Monday, May 1, 2017


Having been prefigured, I digress the
shape  -   the land to come and the land
behind each have their own separate form.
This, being not quite 'lightning alley,' still
bespeaks a type of fame I'm less familiar
with. I want spaghetti with that fake meatball
you offer. Holding nothing back now, I want
a fresh salad too. We've broken the bank
for this one boys. The heat is on, yet
it's May once more.
Hey, Mr. Doherty, my chest is hurting again;
what is it you said you can do? I don't take
pills and I don't drink juice, but help me
nonetheless. Those photo cards you keep
handing out? Wasn't that your daughter
I recognized?
I once read Arthur Miller when I wasn't
supposed to be reading. The Crucible, it
was called. Those seminary padres got
awfully mad at me. What was I to do about
them doing to me what they had to do?
You're kind of a pre-lapsed absurdist
anyhow. I always thought you knew.

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