Sunday, September 6, 2015


They tell me I'm seeing the future  -  and maybe in 
some ways they're right. The elopement of Time with 
its sweetheart Being makes for a curious sight. One
that engages us for sure : think of no other matter,
the light is on in the canyon, your hearts are 
blinker-free. Everything now is clarity.
Here Tupelo suits : he plays a certain solitaire
with his twisted hand. One side of the table is empty -
that's where no one sits. He never invites, he's always
alone. 'It wouldn't be solitaire if someone else was here.'
I don't argue, and he makes good sense  -  he used to drive
to his job every morning at 5am  -  watching everything, from
sunrises to wicked storms  -  just to experience a circular life.
'Up and out, one way, and back in the same way, just half a day 
later and more. No, I never enjoyed it, and hardly got paid for
my troubles, but -   like they say  -  that was my own doing, I
stayed and I tolerated. That little cyclone was in my own tornado.'
I find that you can't talk much to a guy like this : he resembles me.
I've lost more things than I can remember, and only sometimes they
yet turn up. I know I've written about this, and about that, and can 
recall it all pretty well  -  but, damn, I can't find half the time I've
done and I don't want to do it again.

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