Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Desiree Robinson yeah sure that's a name. I've
heard that one before  -  waltzing through those 
Princeton halls with the kids Angelicus and Abercrombie
side by side together, walking as if they had one head.
It's pretty distressing, this mess  -  when the grounds
crew cares more about trees than people. The one
with the power-blower, blasting leafs and wearing
a head-scarf and earplugs too. But what about
everyone else? There are a few golf balls
too on this big, broad lawn  -  what if I
should break my neck?
I walked right up to this lawnskeep guy, and just
said, 'What is it you're doing?" He looked up and
said 'It's not poison I'm spraying, it's palm-water-lime,
something trees and grasses like.' Shrugging it off
I had to assume the creep was right : even though I
knew he wasn't. 'That's highway fudge, that's salted
loam, that's the effervescent water angle of the
five constituent lotions.' You can tell people
anything, and most of the time they'll
believe what you say.

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