Wednesday, September 30, 2015


'So, what are you going to do with all those things
you're storing?' No answer for that one, no, for
sure. He had me there : 'Gonna' build me a castle,
walk straight on up to the Moon. Gonna' stand
here waiting for the girl who gets off the 5:13
to come by here again. Gonna' buy me a seat for
the playoff games. How's any of that for ya?'
Tendencies to obliterate the truth usually come to 
the fore in a crisis situation  -  as this was, being
asked and put on the spot like that for an answer.
My being was never equipped for that. I don't
need answers at all, and even the questions will
never do. I was born in some other land, and it
takes a lot to meet the requirements of that.
So, anyway, thank the chief for the handkerchief,
and tell him I use it to blow my nose, whenever
that need arises. I've got a good dog, and she
takes to me well. Tell him I said hi, and
then to go to Hell.

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