Monday, September 28, 2015


This foot knows no bounds. The shoe store
guy is bending over, and trying to fit this
woman's trouble. She drinking from a juice
container  -  some crazy-healthful tropic
concoction she claims will fix her ills. Looks
like coconut and water juiced together, at 
six-ninety-five a pop, to me. First she worries
of her health, now it's on to shoes. 'I'm so
tired of wearing Blahniks,' she says, 'and
everyone's got them now, I even saw them
on QVC, with some atrocious woman from
Georgia calling in, with that perfectly horrible
accent you know, about how 'wahnderful' those
shoes made her feel. Gawd!' The poor guy just
has to keep working  -  I don't know how he gets
paid, but if it's commission, he's going to 
earn his pay on this transaction.

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