Saturday, September 19, 2015


The funny guy in the uniform starts making
an announcement about take-off or landing,
or something. I can hardly hear, my ears are
caked and the noise from this saw  -  making
all that dust which is caking my ears  -  is near
to deafening. I didn't even know he flew anyway.
'Fly Trans-Love Airlines, Get You There On Time.'
That's an old Donovan song I remember; he reminded 
me, this uniform guy, with all his silly talk about both
arrivals and departures. I thought a person would only
specialize in one or the other. How can you know both
unless you're in two places at once  -  and how, as the
Firesign Theater put it, how can you be in two places at 
once when you not anywhere at all? Stuff like that always
baffles me -   and why was I sawing like this here anyway?
Isn't this an airport? Just then, the monumental sneeze phone
rang. I answered it, but all I heard, over and over, endlessly,
was, 'God bless you; God bless you; God bless you; God
bless you......' on and on and on.

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