Sunday, September 20, 2015

7185. AND NO

And, no, I've never gone swimming in a sea of lies,
though I've walked over waters of untruths and
exaggerations : same thing, maybe. They divide the
cards at this table, in half : like drunk gamblers, it
all brings a satisfaction to each one there. They
can laugh off everything. One night, I can recall,
I was lost, in the rain, late at night, just out of
Philadelphia  -  driving a car, just like that. All
I could do, it seemed, was drive in circles  -  some
little waste-off town in the middle of nothing but
water and garbage trucks running truckloads of
midnight wastes. I always wondered where those
big highway trucks went  -  'Municipal Waste' is
all they ever say on the side. Any minute, I was
certain, another table of those guys would be found,
at this bayside marina here, where I saw all the boats,
rocking in the rain. But there was no one around, and
I remained confused. I finally saw a guardsman's car,
with the little yellow flasher on top  -  I pulled up to
him, and rolled down the window to say ' how do I
get out of here?' The guy was rumpled, but, through
his own rainy window, he said : 'How'd you get in?
That'll have to be the same way to take you out; there's
only one road.' As it turned out, he was probably that
gambler I'd been looking for  -  he said 'follow me', 
and he drove me out through the pouring rain.

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