Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Outside of Shopsin's, the Autumn wind is
already beginning to blow : leaves are scattering 
and street-vendor's smoke is no longer to linger.
Good for that. Inside the old Essex Market, now 
the newer kids make up for lost time : doubling
their special and healthful sandwiches, demanding
now a gluten-free pizza. Old Shopsin's just shakes
its head. If that's all you want, go elsewhere.
I seem to think, just by looking at a guys glasses
around here  -  eyewear  -  I can tell what he'll
be soon to order ; pineapple juice with a shaker
of cream, eyelet fries topped with mayonnaise,
any all of that so-hip food. Today's the world's
Medusa raft. I'm think we're all going 
down with this ship.

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