Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Read this : 'The absence of evidence is not
evidence of absence.' Such a lovely turn to
a phrase unwelcome. I use it here to refer
to extra-terrestrials. Those chimney climbers
we'd call aliens, only because  -  such a stupid
word  -  we'd know no better. I know them.
They're not. 'I think the whole notion of
'extra-terrestrial' is a notion of dualistic 
thinking anyway. We are extra-terrestrial
in a sense  -  our psyches are not confined
to Earth.' And we are the creators we so avidly
talk about and pray to. have you thought? It's 
all self-reflection in a bad interlude wherein we
deny our place in the God-Body we love. 
The natural is a pit of horror; and one has
nothing but the ancient assertions of Christianity
to give one the will to act. (And oh God, give me
the light to see...). Religion is a belief in a belief.
Anyone who needs it should have it, made to order.

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