Sunday, August 13, 2017


All that raven stuff and talking birds and
magical fingertips. All true. Yep, I lit a fire 
once from the end of my index finger. If
you don't believe in such mystical magic,
you're leading a very constrained life. Open
up to the possibilities of all things other.
The landscapes around here are just fields
of horror, like Kampuchea of old (hey,
who remembers that?). First we bombed
it to smithereens with our Nixonian
incursions, with Kissinger too, then after
the fires cooled we allowed their local pride
to change the name back to Kamupuchea  -
famed kingdom of old. Now it's Cambodia
once again. Pol Pot be damned.
And then, I open the newspaper yesterday
morning and  -  who's there  -  Henry Kissinger
redux, telling me all about how we should solve
the Korean problem. Yesiree, Hammerin' Hank,
just like he never had left.

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