Thursday, March 2, 2017


Well there's a fidget for you and that's me carrying that heavy Bible forward - yes - the same one I was born with the one with the glossy inset pages with little maps of the caves of Qum'ran and the places where those kids had found the Dead Sea Scrolls and whatever any of that was ever all about  - before TV before skateboards before frozen pizza too I took it all in understanding only the most basic precepts of what I'd see and then along came all those Muslims wither their over-layment of story and gracefulness on the same story and  -  you knew really  -  they're a pretty passionate and sensuous people I found out  -  so just let me go on : "I'm sorry Mohammed had a mean left hook and it's all about the fingers as I see it and there's not that much difference between Mohammed and girls - they both lie resplendent in their garments of flesh - one enticing to passion and the other with a passion to entice and the really committed acolyte of Mohammed will use his fingers to kill and defend what he sees as Truth while the female lusts for the passion of her fingers and WELL so do I ! but I can't get anywhere sideways now can I?" I was wishing that what I'd just heard was garbled and I hadn't heard it because it already in an instant sounded like trouble to me and these religious people are crazy from the get-go and sometimes all they have to hear are your intentions and they're off - ready to go to the rafters to make something right but never ready to explain what right is BUT sometimes I myself am a freak of nature so I'm probably no different in that I abhor meeting people like others claim to abhor blasphemy and its evidences - HOWEVER the outside world's a lie too although of a different nature and all reality spins in illusion as NOTHING is ever to be what it seems and if I told you the Pope played poker with virgins would you believe me then ? no probably not ('and down by the old not the new but old mill stream not a river but a stream....') and then I heard again "I met my first love at the library standing by the bust of Cincinnatus and although she hadn't a clue about who that was I knew in an instant that she was the one and I followed her home like a dummy in uncertain fashion - weaving and ducking whenever she looked - and then JUST LIKE THAT our eyes met on the corner and the next thing I knew we were exchanging names and dates and pleasantries and circumnavigations of the whole entire globe and I looked at her one day and just simply said 'did you know that Socrates said only the dead are truly happy?' and she nodded and showed me her palm where she'd already written it down in blue ink so as not to forget and I wondered what that meant for a future with her" and then he said "and the next thing the Sun was rising and it was morning and I thought to myself - 'Early Rising! a Habit of the Ancients! : Abraham rose up early in the morning Abimelech rose up early in the morning Jacob rose up early in the morning and early in the morning Laban arose and the Lord said to Moses 'Rise up early in the morning and stand before Pharoah' and Moses rose...early in the morning Joshua rose up early in the morning Gideon rose up early in the morning Elkanah and Hannah rose up in the morning early and David rose up early in the morning Job rose up early in the morning Darius rose up very early in the morning and 'I taught them - rising up early and teaching them' AND IN THE MORNING a great while before the day He (Christ) ROSE UP and went out.'"

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