Thursday, March 23, 2017


There was an old community I went
to once, but it was long gone. Ravenswood,
maybe later called Eaglesmere, who now
remembers? Utopian stuff, like Oneida.
But why all the effort, I wondered?
You can't really get it right if it's not, in
the end, just perfect  -  and it's never going  
to be, so what's the use? Defeating one's
own purposes is so depressing, and
without much justification at inception.
I try to talk plainly but find that I can't.
That'll keep me from, what, being Pope,
or Jesus, or the President again? Nowadays
they all say such communication is vital.
But I don't know why. Like Yogi Berra
said: 'If you find a shortcut through
the woods, pave it.'

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