Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Like everyone else I probably have a million things I could unload and not miss for a moment - for the world we inhabit is filled with junk and materialism is the curse of the air - but notwithstanding any sudden moves all we do instead is respond incrementally to what we see as if an emergency was never about to occur and this makes me think of the old ambulances of the past when they were really nothing more than the large swoopy station wagons of another day manufactured from the expensive cars of the era - somehow as if being treated in a Cadillac meant something more than in a Chevrolet - which brand I'd NEVER seen as an ambulance (plebian petulant over-weening pretend vehicle) and the entire idea back then was totally misconstrued in a funny way - for the idea of emergency vehicles was speed and sleekness and I suppose agility in arriving quickly at the scene but these lumbering giants had no traits of that nature at all and the only reason possible to be given for which cars were selected for such use was the elitism of the community expense account otherwise there'd be Alfa Romeo ambulances and sports car names attached instead of lumbering Cadillacs and Buicks and at the same time if the excuse being given was the 'need' for space then still the use of these big station wagon elitist vehicles made no sense because utility vans would much better suit that bill - with their large swinging-outward back doors and taller heights and such (much as today wherein the emergency vehicles are large square tall boxy van-trucks which seem to fill all EMT needs much better) but looking back at the old days remember it was all of the essence of twisted stupid minds which came up with things such as this - ideas of an outer nature which still were based on the same nefarious concerns and interests as the rest of the squeamish and repressed ordinary lives of totally non-creative people and I WILL SAY THIS that at least some parts of 'today' - even with all its grotesque traits and ridiculous habits and beliefs - some parts of today are by far in a much more creative era and creative day and I have my traits and I have my ideas and they too may be non-conventional but at least I can throw them away sometimes but by contrast where have the rest of things ended up ? the junkheap of history in some fatalistic mental-Marxist fashion the dung-pile of old ideas still uselessly underway the prison of the body the trap of the mind the palace of the old presupposition - all yet perfectly in place and perfectly in play.

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