Sunday, March 5, 2017


Someday (soon) I'm just going
to sit up all night reading and never
sleep again. Well, probably. I'll try.
That'll leave a big gaping hole in
my social life, but I'll never notice.
The only place I ever go is to the
bathroom anyway.
I know there's no bouncer at the
door there, to push me away 'cause
I don't look like him, got me no
muscles, and no double chin. Soon
enough though, that'll be  -  they'll
start checking for gender, and 
want to see. Someday (soon).
It's so funny now, how they really
expect to let you select  -  your gender,
that is. Boy Scouts let in the gay guys
now, and that's OK enough. Knots, and
campfires, uniforms and neck-scarves
too. No problem, until John  - who used
to be Jane  -  starts asking in. They gotta'
say yes now, and who's gonna win?
That kid there, the one who wants the
merit badge for Kama Sutra. Him.
He's a shoo-in. (Big grin).
Yeah, so someday (soon), I'm
never going to sleep again.

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