Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Truth holds a token to the heart,
and this always remains true. I 
had a friend once, yes actually a
Jewish biblical scholar, not like
'extremely' religious over it all,
but he knew his Shalmulunkah.
(I just made that up). But this
rest here is real. One time he 
and I were walking through a
Jewish cemetery  -  he was
looking for 'designs' -  as an
'artist' his trade was memorials.
I was taken with the big blocks
of Hebrew lettering that I saw on
so many of the stones, and I said,
'Sandy, (his name was Sandford),
I wish I knew what some of these
said.' So he started, went right to
one and said  -  'See. See this one.
The Jewish undercurrent, through
all these tragic ages we've lived, has
always been one of loose humor,
almost brave and bold humor, what 
we now say 'in your face', but to
God this was all directed. As if
He was always looking and involved,
and we were always trying snidely
to get a message through. It's Jewish 
humor here, you see. The Messiah.
You know what this says, here, this
one ('Eleazar Rothman, 1849-1912'); 
it reads, really, 'He never showed up.'
No, it's not about Eleazer; it's instead
Eleazer's final, curt comment about
his time on earth, here, awaiting some
more this 'Messiah.' Not so much 'giving
the finger to God, as, maybe, instead, a
Bronx cheer to God. You see. Humor.'

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