Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Twice two can equal you; or anything
you'd want it to. That one is far out of
this ballpark for sure. I read once that
this life is all numbers, and nothing but.
That when you are created there's a
number sequence just for each  -  all the 
components of your make-up and being,
all your experiences and happenings, have
a secret sum; a value, unknown to you but
which number seeks to be attained. And,
once achieved, becomes your perfect sun.
You are ready to die, with all things done.
Whether that's good or bad, I never found 
out. (And I didn't read it either. I made it up).
Now that doesn't mean there's no truth to
it or it doesn't have value; maybe not equal
to numbers bu a value nonetheless. When I 
see sky, it a good '24.' When I give three
dollars to some real homeless guy, that's 
a good '15.' Bu if he's scamming his fellow
man, he loses '33' See what I mean? All those
sums, adding up, then run a good backwards
jaunt to zero. At that zero, we are complete.
Everything's even, and we are done. Our
simple existence has just been justified by
perfection. The Arabs invented 'zero,'
you know. As things go up, they
come back down. It's a likely
progression of life.

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