Wednesday, March 15, 2017


(sublime - to - ridiculous)
I believe in all things, I believe in
nothing at all. I know I've seen that
starling on the wing before  -  yes,
yes, that one. What? They all look
alike? Well, maybe to you, but 
I've got different eyes.
I walk the lane and I jump the
precipice, or, mostly, I just remain
at home to think the hope and hope
that I'm thinking  -  sort of in the
vein of what the bible says:
'All the Right Things.'
And then that lunkhead Reverend
Billy, (aren't they all?), comes around
seeking to tell me what to do. And
his minions are singing, and that
girl he always uses to catch the 
eye, she's doing it again and I
want to hit her with my Rev.
Billy Club. It's hard to
balance all these 
so-many things.

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