Friday, March 10, 2017

9268. YOU CAN'T

Old Doc Malcolm said this once:
'You can't redeposit the suppository.'
I started laughing at that, he was so
right. And I didn't know what else
to do. So many things are like that.
I guess anyway. You can't reboil that
egg; we'll I suppose you could, but why?
You can't un-paint that fence  -  though
you could certainly re-paint it, that
always stands. He hit it well, right
on the head, the way he put it, and
it seemed so simple.
Maybe that's the point about 'good'
language : it gets it done without any
malice or forethought. You just state
what you state. Period. Everything
then comes down to just 'words.'
It's all in how we say it. We learn.
The horse can't ride the horse.
But you can.

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