Sunday, March 26, 2017


You can probably take him out in an
instant  -  just jump onto his roof from
the landing above it; the thud will surely
get his attention, and while that's underway
just reach down over the eave and shoot
through the window. Maybe four shots,
one is sure to land him. Silencer, speed.
Cheap hotels. Be quick and nonchalant, but 
keep it moving. It depends on a lot of things,
yes, and you're taking chances yourself,
but that's what you get. I've already checked,
there's nothing on camera right there. This
isn't the most ultra-modern place, remember.
We're lucky if they shovel snow.
That's the low sort of message about how
crime starts out. I know it, I've been there.
The lounge lizard guy, in the cheap suit,
he's from St. Louis, selling reference units
in insurance pools to brokers there, but
in town here for a few days to meet with
his home-office people. About NYC, he
doesn't really know anything much. It's
a cinch to get over on him. He couldn't
tell Herald Square from the Herald angels
who sing. Ha! I see a chance arising.
I know what he's about. I talked with him
just the other day  -  over there in the lobby,
by the taproom in the restaurant alcove. "I
guess it was an interesting Winter, yeah. We
walked through January, kind of, just waiting.
A lot of TV. The inauguration, the speeches;
it was a lot of stuff. People out my way, I
think, are still baffled. I can't say I am; he's 
an OK guy, and - frankly  -  hell, I wish I
was him. So do a lot of others too. That's
why all the opposition. People are jealous.
They'll never say that, or own up, no, but
look at it  -  nice family, tons of money,
beautiful wife, cute son and kids. It's
all just a pouting jealousy. Nobody
knows politics; they just pretend."
I could tell where he was at, I had a feel 
for him. He mentioned 36 grand upstairs,
and two laptops  -  all the stuff he had to
bring with him. And his car, parked in
the courtesy lot  - last year's Lincoln Mark.
We can take that too, head off to Canada,
and be done. But first we've got to get a
key somehow. He's in 417E.

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