Thursday, March 23, 2017



There was so much more I wished to say : 'you love your enemies and hate your friends' would have been one phrase - as Joab said to King David when David was seen weeping for the son who had betrayed him (the son Absalom had just been killed while leading a failed rebellion against his father the King) and Joab's claim was that the King was disgracing all those who had just risked their lives defending him - but I somehow shied away from that because of the confusion of the argument for after all HOW before them would I be able to let them see that I was in essence weeping for them who had betrayed both me and their own intelligences by marching in lockstep to the invidious Evil of media and all that - yet they'd not see and I'd really rather not press the point (an idiot is after all an idiot) and the fact that they loved their enemies - which were the Evils embodied by the Spirits which drove them - and hated their friends (in this case me pointing all this out to them in their own self-interest) would matter little to them - pleasure-principle solace-seekers of self-hood lost raiders of the ark of goodness now forgotten and rotten by neglect - NOTHING would matter (LEAST OF ALL - thought I - my clarity) : so I took my onion and peeled it back - leaning sideways on that pile of grime known as home (apartment hovel fishbowl garret one-room intensified emergency-care studio of the open-air) and she she who walked (acting lessons on the side sweet smile face made wild MINE!!) having just told me something I'd already forgotten made me nervous within my delight and had decided again to walk away - two cats nearby meowed by the milk-bowl at the loading ramp - and the only sound I heard was the distant rumble of some music from far off across the way - far far off across the way - and she was gone.

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