Saturday, March 25, 2017



So Neil Armstrong touched the moon - human presence of dimensional reality crossing with the solid eminence of white/tan sandy abandonment and the rigid prophylactic mind-set of reason and logic colliding with abstraction in a fashion of geometric conflict still avoided to this day - Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin being the first two of [ODD CONCURRENCE] TWELVE MEN who touched the surface twelve disciples of want from some other place of concrete stallions and rigid morbidities as in "I will make ye fishers of stars" perhaps and in his biography it is mentioned that 'Armstrong moved 16 times in his first 14 years' but always within Ohio when his father finally settled the family in Wapakoneta - not far from the Wright Brothers' Dayton (he later took with him to the moon - as perhaps some poetic gesture of travel-brotherhood - two small pieces of the Wrights' 1903 flyer) - has anyone ever thought of when consciousnesses collide what reality is in turn created and what mass-induced assumptions then take place : millions watching on small metal-framed televisions on some hot July night as two men dusted the surface of some small desolate and lifeless emanation of solidity afloat in dead air - a completely paradoxical vision of reality as we all knew it up to that point - something of no noise no presence no stirring no movement - so much so that even the spike-planted surface-flag had to have its simulated waving-in-the-wind posture made artificially and right there it still stands - as if blowing in the wind in a place where there is no wind - and all of this paradoxical peace and good-will opposed back on Earth by the darlings of youth decimating each other - Vietnam bloodbaths amidst massed puddles of anguish and death UPON WHICH each night nightly that same moon shone SILENTLY and without disturbance over the noise toil death and destruction in the paddies and hills below and for all of that it was THIS world which slumbered 'neath the moonlight from above - and did you know of the rivalry and the tiff between Armstrong and Aldrin and that although they did manage to 'pat' each other on the shoulder once they touched down it was Aldrin's snit over Armstrong's selection as first-man that caused him to NOT take any pictures of Armstrong as mission leader and once they were actually ON the moon the only decent still photograph of Armstrong on that moon was taken by Armstrong himself when he appears as a reflection in a photo of Aldrin's visor (Aldrin had expected to be the first to step-off but sometime during procedurals he was shunted aside for Armstrong) and the reason actually given was (for the 'American' character) 'Neil was Neil - calm quiet and absolute confidence and we all knew that he was the Lindbergh type - he had no ego.'

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