Sunday, July 5, 2015


I ham-hit the hot-rod with a header half hard,
now what do you think of that? I ran down 
the Constable with a jalopy quite run down. 
And what did you think of that? When? 
Then? We've got so much more to do.
In the old Latin language, the prefix 'con'
(as in Constable) starts out as 'cum' meaning
with. Over time it changes to 'con', for whatever 
transitional reasons  -  thus the word 'Constable',
denoting some power and authority over others, 
can be traced to its root meaning of 'He, (or 'the
one') with the stables.' Denoting ownership, and 
thus a wealth and power signifying appointment.
Same with many other words  -  'Con Spiracy',
basically meaning 'with hope, with spirit' denoting
the 'secrets' of those in on the plan of the hoped-for 
results. See what I mean here? See where I'm going?
I lit-out for the darkness, with the lights out.
Well, circumstantially, with that one, 
you're now on your own.

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