Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Service to a graceless nation, I am now told, is
only held to be honorable when you do not return.
Which means, the way I see it, you die? I don't get
the logic  -  but there are people still in Vietnam and
living happily among those people  -  in family situations
too, wives, sons, daughters. There's an honor there. I
do not ever understand the military code. Samurai?
Crazy offshoots of men with well-tempered swords?
What is all this about anyway? We externalize a 'nation'
and claim it ours, and then fight to the finish to keep it
for ourselves, and from others? Way too much for me
to harbor : thoughts, isolations, exile, and death. Four
new things I'll never deal with at all. Except one; the
final one, and also one, the first one. Confusing?

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