Friday, July 24, 2015


We were standing on Third Ave, or Lexington, 
along the side of the street : a few chatterbugs going.
One taxi veered sideways left, and the driver was
heard : 'You did not observe that signal-sign!' One
good, chortling sound. I couldn't remember, two days
later, where I'd been. Has that ever happened to you?
The car had passed the window clutter, but it did
hit the lightpost nearby, and I guess the taxi was right 
to say what he did. No one was hurt, but the cab took 
off. Smart man to get get away with something like that.
In my mind, the taxi had caused the crash  -  but by yelling
out and taking off, he put himself in the clear.  I don't
know who else said what, but I never heard anything more.
There are all sorts of professional and social business right there,
jewels and watches, travel and travel luggage, some wicked
German store even sells high-security travel bags. Eight
hundred bucks a pop was the cheapest I saw. The woman
all look rich, and the guys have sterling eyes.  So, in my
traipsing to Gregorious I felt like a rich man at large.

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