Friday, July 10, 2015


Take the car to 24th; pay the driver, and
get out on the right, but walk to 25th.
118. Look up, fourth floor, in the middle. 
The light will be on, walk the stairs and
knock in the pattern we've sent you before.
This is no time for screwing around. If there's
a cop or a security guy, homeland or whatever,
you're done. Got it. We'll all go down blazing.
Your two-sided antics will bring you nowhere  - 
we said we'll pay and we will, but we want the 
plans, and the real plans, and clean. Lines on the
back to show the rotation and times of day they
come and go. Give us a few names and numbers,
and we can increase the money we give you too.
Do you understand, and answer  -  will you know
your very life will be on the line? We don't care
about nothing, and we care less about you.
This is a deal. You come through.

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