Tuesday, July 28, 2015


These are dark images, of a dense and foreboding
nature. Black. Are you never happy or elated?
Sipping in your Chinese cups this fragrant tea,
why is it mere bile that it coughs up? Do you see?
Love and goodness and an infatuation with grace :
each of those should be enough to lift you. Walk, then,
down this linear street with me. We will pass the bar
and the tavern, the pizza place and the greengrocer
with the retarded son who handles the lettuce and the
pears. Only those, apparently, are what interest him.
His father has said to me : 'It's all in how I handle him,
and it's all very well. Each day, every morning, I bring him
in and I tell him he's the head of the Lettuce and Fruit
Department. You don't know. It swells him up with a
sincere pride, and he's happy and busy all the day through,
sorting, arranging, misting, and watching his subjects.'
I walked away somehow with a glow : a wondrous and a
truly amazing world, and one, as well, somehow just
filled with love in even the harshest circumstance,
and a strange baccarat at that.

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