Tuesday, July 28, 2015

6947. BUGLER

Did twenty things today all different : went to the
vet not for me of course got a letter from the govt. in
the mail, yes for me, and not good, replied twice to 
some cockamamie address in Philadelphia on Spring 
Garden Street, the same street where the once-great art 
school was but now is sunk and Robert Venturi has a 
building too, if anyone is after old-swank colloquial 
revolution-making architecture  -  it's nutty but I always
liked it  -  so anyway nothing of any good import happened.
I'm thinking whatever  -  you have to take the good like 
you have to take the bad, and they all mix together anyway. 
It was a point I always tried to get across to my crazy father 
who was always so sure that the only things good were of his 
own race and nationality, which meant nothing to me. But he'd
never shut up about it  -  how that was paramount, and in the 
forefront of everything. Don't marry out of your kind  -  or 
something; I never figured it out, and he went bazooey 
anyway and lost it until there was no sense left. 
I never did tell him I was an alien.

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