Sunday, July 5, 2015


The cape was in the dodge and what followed was 
entrapment: cops chasing kids chasing pellets chasing 
guns. You know how it used to be said  -  'kill 'em all,
let God sort 'em out.' Like a napalm cocktail in a
breakfast nook. I am so sad you were detained.
'Here's the report and there's the reason.' The desk cop
was a nasty bastard too. I watched that mother come
struggling in, and he said 'Lady, you're kid's a real
problem case. I can't let him out yet.' She cried and
sat down. I stood up, 'I'm a reporter for the Herald,'
I said, 'and I'll have your neck.'
They escorted me out, and all I could report is what
happened until then, until that moment when a shot
rang out, and the boy was dead.

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