Wednesday, September 28, 2016


You can't walk the catwalk if
you're a dog  -  well that's what
the manual says. But being a
shape-shifter myself, it don't 
matter a no-how. I can enter
a mouse-hole a mouse and 
come out a moose. All in 'one
swell foop.' Now, let's deal...
You say you want what? Poland 
on  platter and El Salvador too?
You wish to divide the world
between us. OK. We'll give
Hillary Hell and Donald the
Darkness. How's that all work
now for you? Take Ecuador
too, for I give it to you.
I do love charming children but
I get tired so quickly these days.
This kid's ten years old and he's
driving me crazy. Here's the great
divide. Do they have kiddie rides?

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